Well I have to say that this blog is not ending up how I thought when I first started. This past September I was married to the most wonderful man. With that has come a flood of new responsibilities, joys, challanges and blessings. Thankfully, my husband is kind and patient; not expecting me to be the perfect Proverbs 31 wife… at least not 3 months into it! As time goes on I’m sure there will be more comments about how we met, dated, and married in 12 short months (is that enough of a tickler for you?!)

One of the many things I love about my husband, is that he has a great appreciation for food. Cooking it, shopping for it, buying it, eating, you name it… if it involves food, he’s there. Well actually we’re there. Anything involving food is one of our favorite things.

A few weeks into our marriage we had been cooking yummy meals and decided that we should start a food blog about all the things we cook and enjoy. We decided the name should be “Feed my Love”. Why? because he is my love and I find great delight in indulging him in his favorite thing. The more I started thinking about the idea of “feeding my husband” realized there were many ways in which I was feeding my husband. And I don’t just mean food!  I began to craft a list of all the ways I could feed my husband and how I could feed my love for him. I could feed his confidence in me, I could encourage his passion for me, his protection, his joy, his love for the Lord, his health. On the other hand, I could be feeding or encouraging him towards bad things too, discontentnment, insecurity, bitterness, anger. There are  a multitude of ways I can feed him, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. Giving him preference with my time, greeting him with a hug at the door, doing his laundry, delighting in him all would feed his affinity for me and the Lord and in turn my grow my affinity for him. It is important and God honoring to be an excellent wife. Next to the Lord, I am his next source of physical, emotional and spiritual provision. That sure is a big job and I better get started!

Being so newly wed, I’m sure there aren’t too many wives that know less than me. What I do know is that a good and godly marriage takes work, a series of intentional choices, and the grace of God. As time goes on my prayer is  to encourage unmarried, new married and long married woman to feed their love for the right things. We all feed into something the question is are you being intentional about feeding your love for things of the LORD?

I can’t resist. Here is a wedding picture of me and my dashing husband. Taken by Poise Photography