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It seems like wreaths are the cool new thing to make this Christmas season and everyone always claims how easy and cheap they are to make. Skeptical, but wanting a wreath for my house I thought I would scope them out at the Christmas Tree lot to see what kind of savings we were looking at. For me, depending on how much time I have,  if something is $10 or more to buy it than I will opt to save my time and purchase it. What I’m trying to say is that I put a high value on my time, and if I can buy something that is significantly better quality or not much more than the raw supplies, I will almost always opt to save my time and just buy it. Anyways back to the wreath. We went to the Christmas Tree lot and they were selling wreaths for $45-50. Later  I was looking at Crate and Barrel and they had fake amaryllis wreaths for $99! It sparked my interest. I had been told that supplies for a homemade wreath were less than $10 so I decided to look into it. Low and behold, I got a wreath frame for $5 and the wire for $2.50 and a pile of branches at home from our tree. We went home and I sat on the floor and 20 minutes later I had a wreath that looked great. Please note: if I make something that looks dumb or cheesy, no matter how much time I spent on it, I will not put it up. I was pleasantly surprised with my wreath and happily hung it on my door. Being confident in my new skill I made a small wreath for my desk at work so I can be festive every day at work.

To make the wreath, I used the wreath frame and laid a clipped branch on top (about 10 inches). I used the wire to secure it to the frame and did not cut the wire. Next, I laid another branch of the same size halfway on top of it facing the same direction and secured it in place. I continued around and around until it was full and even and all exposed wood was covered. So easy. To make the Office wreath which was much smaller, I used a longer branch (18” maybe) and wired another one to it. I bent the whole thing into a round and wired it together. Because I didn’t have a round for this one as I laid the brnaches I wrapped the wire completely around the branches as I added them. This was to keep the needles in place and help it securely keep its shape.

These can be hung on doors, used around pillar candles, around a cake, for a centerpiece. Just start putting it places and you will be pleased with how clever you are. Try anything, spray paint it, or glitter spray it, use ball ornaments, the options are endless and you will save major mulah!

Ok thats a wrap! hehehe. Hopefully this encourages you to branch out. Don’t be on pins and needles this project is so easy. hehehe puns are the BEST!