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Today I felt a little bit goofy. My house honestly is an absolute mess. I mean REALLY, every surface that could have something on it does, and our piles of Christmas presents are still sitting in bags by the door. Candy, trash, toiletries, shoes, clothes, toys (my husband likes Spider Man) groceries, you name it are strewn about. After church I walked in the door and new I had a BIG job ahead of me. I got into my normal mode and thought I would go change into some comfy clothes and just check my facebook and email, real quick. RIGHT. That is a recipe for disaster and I will get sucked in for hours. Instead, trying to be the responsible and mature wife that I would like to  be someday I decided to stay in my big girl church clothes turn on the music and get to work. Feeling extremely overwhelmed I asked myself where to even start; sorting laundry, throwing trash away… maybe I should just sit down and think about it. But I thought better… I looked down and picked something up. Then I asked myself, “Where does this go?” and I marched to where it belonged and put it there. Easy enough. I picked up the next thing and the next putting each thing in its spot. Somethings didn’t have a home, so I either quickly found one, or began to put them in a SMALL box and moved on to the next. After about 30 minutes I had made a really good dent. There is still a lot more to go, but I was encouraged that I just started the project. Instead of getting bogged down with the details and making an efficient plan, I just started doing the job. So many times I try and out-smart myself by planning how I will do the task instead of just being a big girl and DOING IT! Planning does have a very important place, but not with somethings. My encouragement to you is JUST DO IT! Nobody is going to do it for you, and really as a wife I shouldn’t have to be asked to do my job. I don’t wake up every morning and as Gavin to go to work, he just does. Same with me. Stop the pity party, laziness, whatever and just do the job at hand. You will be pleased with your maturity. To end this here are my cleaning tips for right now:

1. Keep your shoes on.

2. Turn on music, when a song starts look around and evaluate your progress and stay on track!

3. Pick something up and put it away.

4. If you don’t need it THROW IT AWAY.

5. If it doesn’t have a home, quickly find the right home or put it in a small box to address later.

6. Don’t get distracted by organizing the “homes” for things, leave that for another day.

7. If you need to go out of your way to put it away like on a high shelf or in the car, put it together and do it later.

8. Keep a piece of paper or whiteboard handy to make a list as you find and think of things that need to be done.

9. Be encouraged if your house is a mess, mine probably is too!

One clever thing I thought of today was an easy way to organize Gavin’s papers. I got a paper folder and wrote his name on it. On the inside on one pocket I wrote, “for you” on the other I wrote, “for me”. Any papers he needs to look at go in the “for you” pocket. Once he gets a chance to look at it he can take care of each thing and if needed put it in the “for me” pocket. Now when I’m opening mail as I clean I have a place to put the papers!