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From pictures and pants that I have from January 1, 2010 to now I have to say my physique is not quite where I would like it to be. There have been a lot of changes in my lifestyle, health, wedding celebrations, all that to say that my fitness has been pretty low on the priority list. All that to say, I have a lot of work ahead of me. It has been really discouraging and I find myself constantly having to “put attitudes” off and on. Put off discouragement, laziness, complaining, self-pity, pride and put on attitudes, of diligence, self-control, motivation, humility, and a heart that trusts and is satisfied in God alone. Not in how I look or don’t look. So a few weeks ago I decided that it was time to do something about it. I know I can’t say it’s a resolution, but who cares, the point is I started. It’s already January 3 and you have probably already blown your resolution. But start up again. Keep going. Persevere. Nobody said it would be easy, but I can tell you it will be worth it.

One of the most discouraging things and in my face reminders that I need to take my health seriously is putting on my clothes in the morning before work. Clothes that use to slip on with ease or even be a bit loose are either way too small or rather snug. A whole incredible wardrobe that is useless and just stares at me. None of my jeans will be thrown away because I really like them and am determined to wear them again. And it’s definitely an achievable goal. But to kick start my goal and help my attitude in the morning I did something a bit backwards. I went and bought jeans that fit, yeah they are a bigger size. But the whole experience was really good. It was a great reminder that I NEVER want to buy this size again and it is really encouraging to pull a pair of pants on that fit and look really good. Having a pair of pants that fit helped me to see that I’m not that far off my goal and relieved some of the frantic morning clothing throw around. Yes that happens. In a big way. Now I can put all my jeans that don’t fit (and there is a bunch of them) into a bin under the bed and keep working towards my goal.

So my encouragement to you is if you are feeling lumpy, yucky and just too wide and squishy, go buy a pair of jeans that fit. And keep working towards your goal. Put off heart attitudes that don’t fit and put ona  heart that Trusts God and a right attitude.

If you are trying to buy jeans here are my thoughts:

  1. Personally, Gap is my favorite. They fit and wear the best for me. I also like that they have lots of different classic styles that they always have in stock. If you opt to try the gap don’t get discouraged by all the names. Buy the pair that describes the body you would LIKE to have. For example, I would be considered curvy, so I buy the long and lean. If you have a straight figure buy the curvy style. But try some on. When you buy the pants that are 100% cotton they will stretch about a size. So buy a pair that fits but is a little snug.
  2. A dark wash will be the most slimming. If you can, buy one pair to wear with flats and another to wear with heels. Wearing heals elongates your body and gives the appearance of being smaller. Basically you are the same weight but 3 inches taller, making you look slimmer. Wamo! But only wear heels that you can walk in with good posture. We don’t want dinosaur posture.
  3. Stand up straight when you try them on, it makes your belly smaller.
  4. If you kind find a pair that fits perfectly, buy one a bit big and have them altered. Either in the waist or length. You can find a place for probably $20 and you will thank yourself. (If you have them shortened say you would like re-attached seam, and they will look like jeans still and not have the hem just sewn straight across, just trust me).
  5. With jeans, you will get what you pay for. A good pair of jeans will last a LONG time (Until a year ago I was still wearing a pair of Old Navy jeans from 9th grade.
  6. Here are some resources from people smarter than I:
    1. Oprah’s Jean Guide
    2. Real Simple Best Jeans
    3. MORE Best Jeans
    4. Lastly. Make sure you can breathe, sit down, and walk. All important things to do.