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When Gavin and I started dating one thing that was really important to him was that I was on time to church. Me, thinking that I was already on time to church, (since I lived a 3 minute walk to the building, yet I drove every week) was not super enthusiastic on the idea. Being called out is not my favorite. Before we started dating, that’s a story for another time, Gavin was really interested in me and I was not having it. But he had observed that every week I had been walking in during the first song or after pretty consistently for the past 5 months or so. Case closed. To encourage me to be more punctual he announced that he would be at my house at 8:45 every week to pick me up and as an incentive he would have a Grande Non-fat Latte from Starbucks AND a morning bun warmed up. Heaven sent. That is my favorite splurge breakfast. YUM. The first week turned into a month turned into about a year or so and I had been on time bible journal and notebook in hand dressed with blow dried hair and a full tummy.

Having him as a boyfriend and brother in Christ I found it to be really encouraging that he not only cared and noticed that I was late but sacrificed himself to help me accomplish it. Granted he was trying to win my heart BUT nonetheless I was so thankful that he led in that way.

How silly. Me a grown woman who loves the Lord and I need to be pretty much dragged and convinced to get to church that starts at 9 am. What was I doing that was so important that I needed to be late to church to do it? Oversleeping, online, disorganized, cooking, what? A wise man in our church says, “Sunday morning begins Saturday night” and when asked if he is going to church on Sunday says, “Yes sir I made that choice 35 years ago”. How true. Our lives revolve around GOD, our schedules are based on HIM, why are we penciling Him in or squeezing Him in?

Our pastors labor hard for us. The staff at church works every week for the service. People pray for us before and during the service. They desire to honor to Lord. And what do I bring except for wrinkly clothes and sleepy eyes? An expectant heart? A quiet mind? Why can’t I be early? When I buy tickets to a concert I am giddy and 3 hours early! Happily I sit through a 3 hour movie, yet I check my watch when the sermon is 5 minutes long. Would it hurt to be there to greet someone new? Is it that painful to get there and pray? Review the notes from last week? My heart should be ready to abundantly GIVE not seek what I can get. I should love the Lord and serve the Church like my life depends on it and that it is all I have. Because it IS all I have. Besides rendering my heart, the least I could do is be on time ready to worship.

Psalm 73:25,26 “Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”