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Having friends is a blessing. I am thankful to have friends that speak truth into my life and encourage me to do the right thing, honor the Lord and be a good witness. As I transition into marriage it is difficult to maintain relationships, ministry, housekeeping, family and general life. It is good to have people come along side me and point out my weakness and praise a strength. Just like this blog needs feedback…so does my life. Do you have people who you care about who gently come along side you and encourage and challenge you? Who is in your life that holds you accountable? When someone confronts my life, my first response is, “no, they are wrong and totally misinformed and I need to lash out and defend myself” how stinky is that and what an unloving friend and person that makes me. I need to listen. I need to trust the people in my life. Take feedback and apply it. Do the right thing. Do the hard thing. Thank the friend for doing the hard thing in my life. If a friend confronts me and I don’t listen, who can confront me where I will listen? After all they are my friend and we care about each other with no mal intent. Be a friend.