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I am not a fitness expert and I would benefit from taking my own advice on this topic, which thankfully I have been and was able to button a shirt that I usually can’t. Baby Steps to the gym. For me being in shape was a total heart issue. I really didn’t notice big leaps in my fitness until I got somethings figured out between me and the Lord. Basically, I was looking to food to satisfy me and solve a problem that had nothing to do with hunger, this brings me to my first point:
1. When I decide to eat something it has been good for me to evaluate if I am really hungry. Many times I am happy, tired, thirsty, lonely, impatient, or just plain bored. Instead of eating take care of the problem! Take a nap, call a friend, get some water food won’t help.
2. Another question I ask is have I had the food before, did and did I like it? If not why am I eating it?
3. Be active for 20 minutes every other day. Since I am on the fast plan I am going slightly more than that. But my body appreciated even 20 minutes every other day. Even if you don’t feel like working out. Just put your running shoes on. I usually trick myself into going!
4. Always leave something on my plate. Just to prove to myself who is in control here. And usually I’m really not that hungry to finish all of it.
5. Don’t eat after 8. I try to have my kitchen clean and close the shop down, I sleep better too.
6. Don’t drink all my calories in a day. Water, unsweetened tea, diet soda, crystal light, all taste great when I just start drinking it. They usually are free refills anyway.
7. Take fiber and a multi vitamin. Both make me feel great and allow me to do something for my health every morning.

Happy Fitnessing!