Well this evening we have a very special treat. I have been in the kitchen all evening making all different kinds of cookies so my sweet husband said that he would be my guest poster! This is so fun and I am excited to see what he will say. Enter Gavin…

So I’m not sure how I was roped into posting for my wife, but I think it’s because she is so gorgeous, I lose all wits about me. I think it has something to do with the sermon by John MacArthur we were discussing earlier. Grace to you has a fantastic App that has a crazy amount of sermons from way back into the 70’s! One in particular, addressed strength as a fundamental attribute of any Christian believer. What really got Katie and I talking was how he addressed the men.

He spent a majority of this sermon calling for the men to be men and the women to be women. He raises a great point and a discussion that we often have. How many guys do you know that are well into their 30’s and still boys? And how many girls do you know that are waiting for a husband to get their life started? It can sound harsh, but I would like to echo Johnny Mac’s call.

God has given us all that we need to glorify Him at any given moment. What do we do with it? Biblical times called for a man to carve out a living from the earth and defend his family from all sorts of dangers. We have a hard enough time getting the boys of today to move out of mom’s house and get a job. The married boys think that getting a paycheck is the end of their responsibility, and they fail to lead spiritually, emotionally, or more often romantically. My exhortation to the men is that we get off the couch and do the work of the Lord. Learn God’s Word, earn a living on your own, and teach the younger men to mine the gold from God’s word. The men need to kick the boys in the rear. Start with the book of Titus and get your great commission on… make some disciples. God did not give us a spirit of timidity but of POWER, LOVE, and SELF DISCIPLINE! No more free rent…no more “trying to figure out what I want to do” time to move.

To the Ladies I would exhort you to seek God, not a man. He has given you a courageous and beautiful spirit which is to be used in the life of others. What I love most about my wife is that her life was used intentionally BEFORE I met her. She was pouring into the life of younger girls and training them to follow after God. If a husband comes along then great! If he doesnt…Great! Be intentional with your life NOW and that guy will seek you. If you are doing the chasing and he isn’t pursuing he is most likely in the category above and you don’t want to marry or even date a boy. Dont waste your God-given beauty on lesser pursuits, trust God and His Sovereignty.

This will probably be my first and last blog since I think my wife wants people to read it, that’s not going to happen with my ramblings. I do think we need to raise the expectations we have of each other. After all, the Spirit of the Living dwells in us, can we really be content with a mediocre life? The Bible is clear that heavenly greatness is in the everyday and played out on the small stage, those in the news are merely puppets for God’s own ends.