Honestly, I really don’t feel like blogging today. This whole day I have been thinking about what to blog about and things I could potentially write about. There is a reason why I’m just getting to it at 9:40. Today was a great day, Gavin and I had fun at the movies and then walking around downtown, going to the hardware store and nursery (I decided that a topiary would look nice on our porch), coming home and having fresh cracked crab (twice in 1 week, I am very happy!) and clarifying butter for the first time, watched a few episodes of my favorite show, Dogs 101; then kissed Gavin off to work for a few hours, he is a very hard worker and now in comfy clothes thinking and dreaming of all different things that I would like to do. Besides blogging. And honestly I just really don’t feel like it. boo. The more I think about it and repeat that in my head, I realize what a dumb saying that is. It’s totally selfish, doesn’t communicate anything, isn’t based on anything, and really is not even a valid argument. Sometimes I just get into a little pity party of I just not wanting to do something and instead I lounge, laze and indulge my self. In whatever it is, besides what I feel like not doing.

However, life can not be based on my emotions. Simply deciding I don’t feel like doing something and shutting down is not an appropriate heart attitude let alone a mature thing to do. Growing up I am sure that there are plenty of things the people around me didn’t want to do yet did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. Being a good steward, having a good name, being disciplined, and sometimes their care for me was their motivation. My mom making dinner every night. People driving carpool, doctors giving my mom excellent care when she was sick. My dad going to a job he didn’t like Pastors preaching every Sunday. They didn’t always feel like doing those things. But they did. Looking back, I am thankful.

The youth pastor at my church describes it like this: imagine a train with 3 cars. Truth is the engine, faith is the middle car, and emotions are the caboose. Emotions come last and will follow wherever you lead them and however you feed them.

How true is that? Society, family and churches can’t be built on emotion alone. Too many people in leadership and life are making emotions the engine and are getting into a world of hurt and trouble, being a horrible example and setting the tone that it’s OK to do whatever you want. Don’t let anybody or anything get in your way. That is false.Truth needs to be the foundation. God’s word is the ONLY truth and standard for life and godliness. It is a book that was divinely written by over 40 authors over a period of almost 2,000 years with no errors. God used people of every walk of life to bring His Son into the world and scribe this book. It is the #1 printed book in the world and the consistent #1 seller on the New York Times Best Seller. It will change your heart and give you life. This is a book to be feared and revered.

I need to make decisions based on truth. Because I said I would. Or because I need to follow through. Because I don’t want to be lazy. Not because of my emotion. For God’s glory and my good. His precepts are in place to bring me life. Just because I don’t feel like doing something is not a reason so not do it. Once I just buckle down and do it, I will be glad I did.

After all I just don’t feel like blogging tonight. So there.