One year ago I was in Washington DC for a friend’s wedding. Just a few weeks prior I had been in another friends wedding and been thinking and talking to some people about how far away marriage seemed. While on my trip it was very convenient that the Lord put me on a plane for 5 hours each way to think about all that was going on. There was this guy that really liked me that I was continuing to shut down. He was very persistent and a great guy, just not for me. We had gone out a couple of times but I knew that he wasn’t just looking for some thing. He was looking for me. The same weekend that I was away the singles group was away of the annual retreat, which he happened to be on. He had been very thorough in his planning and preparation to lead a small group with a friend of ours.

While in DC with my dear friends from college, we had some crazy times and great memories in preparation for the wedding. There were many conversations that came up and it only took a few hours before the discussion of boys came up. Thy recalled this guy and asked what was up with him and how he was doing. I, still not fond of him and trying to convince myself to stay that way put up a good verbal fight about all of his faults. One of my friends totally calls me on the carpet saying that he actually sounds like a really good guy and that he sounds like the kind of guy that I had been describing for quite sometime. Another friend told me that I needed to get over this not dating thing and go out with someone and so it goes. They decided for me that I a) need to get over myself b) need to wake up to how great this guy is and c) give him a chance. And they would be following up with me shortly.

We all arrived safely home for from the west coast and I did decide to make an effort, but unsure about ho to go about it. After all, he had been texting over the weekend a little bit and I did enjoy hearing from him. I mentioned that when I got back and when everyone was back from retreat it would be fun to get some people together and hear about how everything was. He told me that he had grabbed an extra pamphlet of the notes for me and that it would be great to get some people together. It was a good and long flight back where I had sometime to think and pray about what was to happen next and what was really going on in my heart. Just because he didn’t look like what I had expected, have a profession, family or life that I expected, Is that reason enough not to give him a chance? And there were many more things about him that I was pleasantly surprised about. His leadership, initiative, musical ability, kindness, knowledge of the Word, his dog (and car), persistence, character, thoughtfulness, commitment to the truth and strong convictions. I guess he was a great guy. Maybe I should give him a chance. But I that would mean that I was wrong, what do I say to him? My friends would be right. Ok Lord, I thought, I trust that if this is how you will be most glorified than it will happen, and if not it won’t. Help me to  wait, watch and be patient. If he wants to pursue me he will. If he doesn’t he won’t. Well…he already has been pursuing for the last 6 months and I have been saying no.

You will have to wait until tomorrow to hear what happens next… it gets exciting. And this is all real-time. This was 1 year ago today. And tomorrows blog will be about MLK day one year ago. I have journal entries to prove it. (c: