After I got home from the East Coast and decided to give this guy a chance I wasn’t sure what my next step was. I had mentioned that I would like to get together with some people and hear how the retreat was. He responded not too much later that he was going to have some people over that evening to watch a movie, have pizza and play a game. Surprised that he was so proactive and made an effort I told him that was great and would see him then.

When we got over there I had decided that I was going to observe him and assume the best and give him the benefit of the doubt no matter what happened. When I got there he came right down and said that since it was dark and cold and that he would go park my car. I went up stairs and his apartment was clean and nicely decorated and people were over. He asked me where and what kind of pizza to order and took care of the whole thing. The evening was really fun and we all had good laughs and conversation. I noticed the whole night how smart this guy was and the super hard-worker that he was. I ended up being the last person to leave and staying up and talking with him until almost 1:00. He was really fun and easy to talk to, which I really appreciated. He called and made sure I got home that night. The next day we were texting for most of the day and that evening I met a friend for coffee before bible-study. His being the same night at the church walked in and literally tripped over a chair when he saw us. That night I told my friend that I was going to date him and give him a chance. Shocked, she wanted all the details and to know what had changed. After I explained everything she was laughing and really excited. The next day we continued to talk for the majority of the day and ended up going to dinner together after a friend had canceled on me last minute. When we were almost done with dinner he asked why I seemed so nervous and fidgety and I denied it. Persistent, he asked what was up and I explained to him that the questions that I had asked him 6 months previous were now not only answered by his words, but proved in his actions and character. As I continued I told him that I thought that he was a really great guy and that if he was still interested I would like to keep getting to know him.He got a big smile on his face and said that I probably knew where he stood on this and made three promises: 1. That one of the first things that attracted me to him was my involvement in ministry and that he wanted me to continue that and that he would support me how ever he could. 2. That he would protect and defend my reputation at any cost. 3. That he would listen to me and respond to the things that I said, because that reflected my heart and that was important to him.

Me, a little shocked and for one of the first times completely speechless and impressed. Not know what to say, I said thanks and uhh just don’t make me look bad (probably not the most gracious thing to say). We walked to our cars and headed off to church.

That began the glorious the relationship with my sweet now husband Gavin. More to come soon.