Tonight in a class I am taking about Jonathan Edwards there was a few minutes spent talking about his wife Sarah. One comment that was made about her was that her utmost goal was the comfort and the happiness of her husband. George Whitefield commented on Jonathan and Sarah Edwards’ relationship following his visit to Northampton in 1740, “A sweeter Couple I have not yet seen … She … talked feelingly and solidly of the Things of God, and seemed to be such a Help meet for her Husband that she caused me to … [pray] God, that he would be pleased to send me a Daughter of Abraham to be my wife.” Another comment about her states, “Sarah began shaping Jonathan in the way that made him great. She helped him become more self-confident, gentler, and she greatly improved his social skills. He also grew very close to Christ because of Sarah’s influence.”

What a great example. How many woman in the world in the church can confidently state that their utmost goal in life is the comfort, joy and happiness of her husband? With all of the distractions and permeating selfishness many woman set this very lofty goal to the side. How different would our world, church and men look if they confidently knew they had the love and support of their own wife? It is often said that the world and the church need more men to step up…I would say, the world needs more women, like Sara Edwards, like the Proverbs 31 woman.

Women who are strong, graceful, hard-working, intelligent, versed in the bible, hearts set on prayer are what the world needs. Woman who want to be wives and mothers, not just women who want to stay at home, go to the gym, have cleaning ladies, huge diamonds, and SUVs. Ladies, we need to readjust our thinking. Our thoughts and minds need to be heavenward. With accurate understandings of who we are, who we are called to be and what the bible says our job and responsibilities are and what being a successful woman looks like. Myself included would do well to limit the influences in our lives.

Where are we getting our job title? Where are we seeking our wisdom? I can say that if the answer is a little from the world, a little from some lady we know at work, beauty advice from magazines and hollywood, the bible, and something that we heard in a song or poem onetime, we are off the mark in God’s eyes. God is THE ONLY source. He is the only place to receive wisdom, truth, and identity from. None of the other things are bad, just guard your heart from listening to closely to their “wisdom” This leads me to my next thought.

This might be a stretch here and please correct me if you think I am wrong but I would say in general that if someone is not committed to the local body of Christ on a regular basis then it would raise a flag to how committed they would be in marriage. Now don’t get me wrong, there are exceptions to the rule and people work on Sundays and go out-of-town… I get that. But if Jesus Christ is my life and all that I have and the source of my soul and I can’t be committed to being involved in His body that He died for, what is there to show that they would be committed to a secondary love, a spouse? What I’m saying is observing patterns and trends over years. If you say you love the Lord and His Church, love it well! Not just when it’s sunny, or convenient, or when the sermon is more applicable. Through thick and thin, richer or poorer, sickness and in health, as long as you live, LOVE THE CHURCH. ALL the way, not half way, not jumping around every Sunday. LOVE the Church, don’t let it be a question or up for discussion, live and schedule your life in a way that reflects an utmost undefiled love for Christ and His Bride, the Church.

Single ladies, if you want to know how a man will be as a husband your first indicator is how much he loves and is committed to the Church. Same goes with you. If you say you will love your husband, how well are you doing at loving the first love of your life?

Married ladies, as you love your husband, let’s be encouraged by Sarah Edwards, and make the joy, comfort and happiness of our husbands our utmost goal. Let’s not leave it up to chance or discussion if it is apparent that we love, standby and support our husbands. Overflow with love abundant for the man the Lord has given us and we CHOSE to marry, whether you think he deserves it or not. That’s the beauty of it.

May our love be without hypocrisy.