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Today at work I realized that I could improve on my typing skills. I remember back in junior high and AOL launched AIM and it was so awesome to instant message friends late into the night. During those years, my typing was so fast, and so accurate! As time has gone on my typing has slowed, but I can text faster than ever now; great. :-/ I thought it would be helpful for me to begin doing typing exercises. I found this neat website that has free typing tutorials. They have 10 exercises that you can do over and over again and a multitude of copying exercises for QWERTY and 10 key. Pretty sweet right? I have decided that when I get into work in the morning I will do some typing exercises before I jump into the day. Please use and enjoy this Free Online Typing Tutorial, it requires no money, downloads, skill or anything. It tells you how many words per minute you type, how many errors you have and gives you guidance in how to type faster, and who doesn’t want that? I would say that it is appropriate for anyone who knows how to read letters, kids too! Hope this helps you as you type papers, documents, accounting workbooks, letters and most importantly….facebook statuses. This is an easy non-threatening way to challenge yourself and learn something new. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a little challenge. It only takes 2 minutes. Happy Typing.