This week was an exceptionally busy week, but filled with blessing nonetheless. Here are my list of highlights that hopefully encourage you to look for the joys in your life, or provide inspiration for new hobbies and highlights and apparently they all start with the letter F:

1. Family. This week I had the fun opportunity to spend time with my mother in law and sister in law. It was fun to continue to invest in those relationships and do things together.

2. Food. Gav and I went to the Berkeley Bowl, which is an awesome whole food megastore in Berkeley, CA. It was amazing to see all the fruits and vegetables that God has made for our enjoyment and His glory. WHOA. With that we have decided to use our juicer more and so we loaded up with all sorts of yummy things.

3. Flexibility. My back has been hurting the last few days and I have had a new invigoration for stretching, and my need to do so on a regular basis.

4. Fitness. A few weeks ago I read an article about working out and the optima time to work out is 200 minutes a week. It has been a good challenge and stretch goal to get my fitness that consistent.

5. Functionality. As I am still sorting through ALL of our stuff and getting this organized it is important to find things that are functional. Things that only have one purpose or not used often are finding their way to a new home. Having drawers, clothes, office supplies, food, anything really organized in a way that is functional makes every task much easier.

6. Files. I started going crazy on my computer making files and renaming everything in a way that is clear and easy to understand just by looking at the file. Same with paper. Everything has a home and is easy to find.