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The other day a friend of mine played a song for me and it totally made me laugh and put me to ease that I’m not the only one with a semi-crazy life sometime. It is good for me to rest and relax in the woman who the Lord has made me into. Being able to step back and evaluate my life and laugh, from what I have seen in the lives of those around me, only helps as time goes on. In reality, I won’t get everything done. In God’s Sovereignty He has made there to be 24 hours in a day, and me unable to do nothing outside of His strength and power. In the words of my cousin… Praise-a-lujah! Here is a fun song by Point of Grace. This whole CD is great, this is just my weekly highlight!

And I have to report this week our schedule went into action… Praise the Lord for His grace and kindness to help me get through the week without being a crazy person. Being on a schedule is great. Our life is so blessed and we have so much to be thankful for.