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This evening I decided that I needed some relaxation and relief for my hurting back. Gav suggested that I take a bubble bath… something that I love to do but not very often. In my old apartment and growing up I always enjoyed my pretty sporadic but still coveted Sunday night bath. So this evening I indulged and it was wonderful. With that said let me outline how to have the most glorious and relaxing bath. NOTE: the most glorious bath can only take place in my sister’s tub, but for us commoners a regular tub will need to suffice:

1. Have a busy and hectic day and decide that you are going to have a bath that evening.

2. Think about the bath all day and how wonderful it will be.

3. When you get home, gather your supplies: bubble bath, candles, clean towel, something to hold your hair up, reading material, music player, floaty rubber duck, inflatable pillow, pjs for after.

4. Draw your bath, I like it really warm, add bubbles. Go turn on heater.

5. Turn on music. I prefer symphonic, classical, cirque du soliel, quiet worship music, or strings.

6. Turn off or dim lights and light candles

7. Get in and soak away. Be thankful for your day, pray or read.

8. Get out and wrap up in a cozy towel and stand by the heater.

9. Put on your most comfy pjs and crawl into bed.

Well everyone, I am at #9 and so I am signing off. Have a wonderful evening, be thankful praise the Lord for He is good and the only rest for our souls.