Well hello!! My how time gets away when we not careful. It has been almost 2 weeks since I have blogged and for what it’s worth, I am sorry to keep you waiting! I am alive, life is wonderful with many reasons to rejoice. As I step back in to this let me just provide a few reflections and updates of what has been happening, it sure seems like a LOT. In no particular order:

1. There was a little boy on BART today wearing a batman rain coat today that had a cape. It was pretty cool. Too bad the little boy won’t ever have the character building lesson of wearing an ugly coat when its wet and cold. Just because everything in life CAN be fun, doesn’t always mean it SHOULD be. Building those moments into our lives helps us to obey, submit and consider it joy when things are out of control, not fun, and require discipline and obedience from an appropriate heart.

2. It has been really fun to go to San Francisco everyday this week for class. I am becoming a licensed life and health agent for work. Really interesting and fun, LOTS of information everyday from 8-5:30 yikes. But my teacher is outstanding. Holtzman Frazier at A. D. Banker is the best.

3. Gavin and I went to our first couple dinner at someone’s house that wasn’t family. We had so much fun and felt very grown up.

4. We found out that Gavin’s Step-dad IS able to have surgery for his cancer. Not a cure, but  few years (hopefully) longer of life.

5. First Valentine’s Day as husband and wife were wonderful. Some highlights include surprise overnight in SF, dinner at the place of our first date, flowers, heart-shaped pizza for Gav, detailed car for Gav, and flower arranging classes for me (YES!).

6. Gavin and I started watching Arrested Development… hilarious

7. I am coordinating the volunteers for the Walnut Creek Half Marathon, which is wonderful to work with hardworking, quality producing people. This race will be off the charts wonderful.

8. We celebrated Chinese New Year with our sweet friend from China and some other friends, what a great evening. Gong Hay Fat Choy!

9. It is wonderful living in the same place that I grew up in. So far I saw our British Friend on Bart, a friend I’ve known since I was born, and a girl from church. FUN!

10. Sweet Gav drops me at BART in the morning and 2 times I have had to walk home in the evening, it’s really close. As I walk, I can’t help thinking of my dad who walked the same route to BART 20 years ago when we lived on Brook St. It has proved to be a sweet time to think about , reflect on and praise the Lord for my dad. I am very thankful for him and have been VERY blessed with him as my father. Even though I don’t do everything the same way as him, I am thankful that he has been so faithful, conscientious  and diligent my whole life that I know what he would do. If you don’t know my dad, your time would be well spent to have just one conversation with him. To start a conversation, just ask him about a plant…You will quickly see his eyes sparkle, learn his convictions, faith and values and feel like a million bucks when you walk away. I have never met anyone else like him in my whole life.

11. Gavin and I went to the DOG SHOW!!! It was awesome! we are excited to get a dog someday. The dog of our choice right now is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

12. I was clever the other day. I had leftover Rice Crispy Treat that wouldn’t fit in the pan so I put it into muffin tins with a rounded top! Then I decorated the top with yummy icing (not frosting) pictures to come…

13. Last week there was a Valentine’s Party with the married girls from our Sunday School class. It was fun to be together, decorate cookies, do crafts and just be together. Thanks for coming everyone.

14. My back has been hurting very much the last few weeks and today it flared up AGAIN! Not fun, I waddle down the street leaning to the right. It has been humbling and a great reminder to be thankful for good health.

15. Gavin and I recently joined the choir short-term and it has been challenging for me, but wonderful to see Gav do something he LOVES. He has a beautiful Tenor voice and I am so proud of him and excited to do this together. If not for Gavin, I would prefer to happily sit in the audience and watch the choir…


Well that is about it. Besides all that, the last 2 weeks have been prodding along and are very enjoyable. We are so grateful for all the Lord is doing and how He is growing us during this time.  Alright then, pictures and more fun times to come!