In honor of the incredibly rainy weather I brainstormed a few ideas to wash away boredom on these rainy days. This list is overflowing with ideas and opportunity for fun to pour down at your house. Sprinkle in your own creativity and splash around the excitement. Your rainy day can be black and gloomy or a thunderously fun adventure. Enough with the puddles of rain puns… On to the list! Gav and I came up with the whole list.. you could make your own too! Feel free to leave some ideas

1. Every rain day deserves Hot Chocolate and Popcorn. That’s what I had every rainy day growing up.

2. Why not make sunshine shaped pancakes?

3. Put on your rain gear and get out there!

4. Build dams in the gutters with sticks and leaves.

5. Make little boats from cottage cheese containers and race them in the gutter.

6. Use a bar of soap as sidewalk chalk.

7. Turn up the heater and put on your favorite summer shirt

8. Watch a looooonnnngggg movie series, Pride & Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Back to the Future or Toy Story… with commentary

9. Clean out the attic or closet.

10. Get started on a project you have been saving for a rainy day!

11. Write Cards.

12. Organize your iTunes.

13. Build a fort in the living room and talk about something meaningful.

14. Go visit a senior citizen. You can probably show up at most any senior living home and sit with residents. Ask them about their family history.

15. Make a really involved dinner.

16. Have a picnic inside with lemonade and everything.

17. Plan out your calendar, meals, or reading for the next week.

18. Knit a Scarf or something.

19. Use the time to teach your kids something new or make a project.

20. Record your kids saying all the cute things, stories and songs they know.

21. Get on some long phone calls.

22. Do all your puzzles, when else are you going to figure out a piece is missing?

23. Play as MANY games as your kids want. It will blow their mind.

24. Sit outside under a cover and watch it rain and enjoy the smell.

25. Go DRIVE in puddles!

26. Make a rain gauge to see how much has rained during the day.

27. Make a new cookie recipe.

28. Play hide and seek, probably not at our place since its small!

29. Make crafts or decorations relevant to any upcoming holiday.

30. Write a scavenger hunt.

31. Play dress ups!

32. Sing/ dance around to get that blood flowing.

33. Read a book.

34. Eat a comfort food for lunch… mac and cheese anyone?

35. Make a different mix cd for each of your friends.

36. Hold a puppet show

37. If you have a basement, go for a rollerskate!

38. Practice something.

39. Memorize a verse about God’s providence.

40. Order Christmas or birthday presents online… might as well get started early.

41. Re-arrange the living room.

42. Clean. Boring but useful

43. Rest.

44. Do a skin care treatment or condition your hair for an hour

45. Take a bubble bath!

46. Do something special for someone.

47. Teach your dog a trick.

48. Learn a magic trick and put on a show!

49. Figure out the perfect or best way to do something.

50. Do your quiet time….

51. Do a taste test/comparison