This sweet little picture reminds me of every girl that I know at some point in her life. Some grown woman still walk with their heart on their sleeve and some five-year olds realized that their heart was not safe anywhere and hide it. As woman, I believe that we are created to be valued and treasured. The bible commands women to be honored, loved and protected. As woman we are looking for a place for our heart to rest. A recent observation while reading Genesis was that woman was the last thing that God created. We were created to complement and bring beauty to the things we do and say. Woman are naturally graceful, soft, nurturing and beautiful. We desire to have “our little flock” whether its kids, friends, stuff, pets, homes, projects our sometimes ourselves to care, tend to, invest in and make beautiful. We regularly say, “here’s my heart” inadvertently by investing our emotions, time, and effort into. Take a minute and think about that. Who are you giving your heart to? Remember all that glitters isn’t always gold, and as scripture says, “look over your heart with all diligence, for from it flow the wellspring of life.” Guard it. Don’t just throw it anywhere. Give it to the Lord. He will treasure it, protect it and is the only one who can satisfy it. Afterall He made it. Give to Him what is already His. Increase your love for the Lord.

“Here’s my heart O Take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above.”