Today I applied for this thing in a magazine that I think would be fun./ Basically I video tape my life with a camera they give me and i get to be in a magazine. Um YES please. I thought it would be fun to share with you all.

BTW the stuff in the title is stuff i’ll be blogging about, but I thought it would be a good hook to get you reading… Did it work?

These were the pictures I submitted that best describe my life…this was a hard one Aaannndddddd

Here was my application:
My Occupation:
During the work week I am in an Insurance Brokerage with Employee Benefits. However, my life occupation is the be the woman I was created to be. As a wife, friend, daughter and co-worker. My job is what pays me, but my life is my living. Being involved in my church, community and family is what keeps me going.

Number One Beauty Tip
Keep a hair accessory in your purse. When going through your day and looking in the mirror the quickest way to feel more put together and comfortable is to switch up your hair. Since we all can’t look like a movie star all day or run home into our cozies on our lunch, keeping a hand accessory might just do the trick…Feeling Flat? pull it back in a goody spin pin for an easy chignon. Feeling tired? use a bobby pin to pull hair off to the side. Feeling Sassy? Slip on a cute headband. Having something easy to pull out will always make you feel savvy and help you look put together. Sometimes just looking better is just the nudge you need to feel better that day. If nothing else, be that girl who has a hair tie when someone asks for it.

Relationship Deal Breaker
The guy not pursuing. When a guy takes initiative in making the first call or move it is always attractive. It reflects his motives and interest in you because HE wanted to be with you and di something about it. After all we want to date men, not boys. As woman we like to feel protected, provided and pursued by our men. When a man steps up it shows that he is ready to do the job. As a woman it is hard to sit back and wait for him. We want to be in control. Don’t be that girl that always calls, emails, texts, Facebook’s, and shows up at his house 20 times a day to see if he wants to hang out. After all if he wants to be with you… he will. Wait for it. One guy pursued me for almost 5 months while I turned him down and ignored him. We were married a year later and it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m glad I never have to wonder where his affections are.

How To Balance Work and Play
Think. It is important to think about the greater perspective in our lives as we go through the day. There are 3 parts to our life: emotional, physical and spiritual. Every area needs to be regularly evaluated to stay in balance. Before you leave work or on your way home, think about home, who and what will be there, what needs to get done, and reflect on the work day. Having time to stop and think prevents us from crashing and burning. Always think about what’s going on in your life. Some seasons are more busy and need to be. Don’t be afraid for hard work for a few days or even months, plan when and how you will relax when it’s over and how you can find little times of respite during the busy times. Sing while doing dishes. Get a fancy coffee. Lay out your clothes the night before and sleep in a few extra minutes. Go for a walk. Find joy in the everyday tasks.
Remember, you are living your life, and responsible for the choices you make. Nobody is forcing you to be a workaholic, lazy bones, wild child, or big spender. Those are your choices. If you don’t like it, do something different. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting’ what you’ve always gotten.

Most Important Quality in a Friend
History. Most of my closest friends are the ones that I have known for the longest not the ones that are exactly like me or share all the same favorites. People come and go, but a true friend is one who is there for the long haul. Even if you don’t talk every day, go on every trip together or share every favorite. Having shared memories, experiences, and sometimes disagreements are what binds 2 people together. Having 2 people that are different complement each other and provide new experiences and outlooks. It’s fun to try new things and meet people where they are at, even if it’s something you never expected. You may or may not enjoy it, but it’s the person you are investing in. Being able to call, laugh with or cry with someone is special when they have known you for 20 years. My sister has known me the longer than anyone and is very different than me, but we are closer than ever.

My Unique Touch When Hosting a Party
Be intentional. Think about your guests and why you are having them over. Bring meaning to the little details and communicate as you go along. People don’t like their time being wasted, so invest their time. Put out something in each guests favorite color. Buy flowers that reminds you of the guest of honor. Serve their favorite food. Play special music. Let people know that you thought about them. Even if it’s a flop (which it won’t be) people will have a blast because they know you thought about it and put time into it. Some of the best events I have planned are the ones that got “a little derailed from my plans” because that was where the flavor of the party took us. You are having them over to have FUN, who cares if they want to play a different game than you planned? They will leave having had a good time and appreciative of your hospitality. Hospitality is the way you make your guests feel.

That’s it thats all. Hope you like it! Wich me luck….