“Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.”1 Sam 7:12

This is a picture of an Ebenezer that I had built with a friend of mine a few years back. In my life there many things to be thankful for and times when the Lord has helped me. When I take the time to inventory and remember what they are it brings hope and a confidence in the Lord and my future and gives reason to praise Him for the past. Usually my journal and letters are how I keep record and remember the past. When I find notes and things from High School it reminds me of how much the Lord has grown me. Pictures of when I was little make me so grateful for the family the Lord put me in. My wedding ring reminds me of Gavin; His leadership, provision, love and the rock that he is in my life. I am grateful for him and the things the Lord will take us through and grow us together and closer to Himself.  Here is an email my dad sent me just after I had emailed him this picture in 2005

Katie, Looks great.  When you look at the patriarchs of the Old Testament, such as Abraham, they had a habit of recognizing God’s provision in their lives and taking the time to physically recognize it through altars.  Consistently, throughout Genesis and Exodus, it will say, “and they built an altar”.   Usually, it included a sacrifice, offered to God, a burnt offering that recognized their separation and inadequacy before Him and also their need and appreciation for His providence.  This altar (Ebenezer) says that you are recognizing the importance of God’s centrality and provision in your individual lives … A spiritual relationship is the bedrock of a deep and lasting friendship. 

A beautiful setting for an important memory.  It has been my experience that life is much richer when we take the time to have altars, not too live in the  past, but to has specific points in time where we can look back and say,”Yes, this was a time and place that we set aside to give God the glory”.  In a similar fashion, that is why we have always made holidays, birthdays, school events as unique times where we eat special food, give gifts and make it different from all of the other days. Pictures, Altars, Memories are valuable only as they remind us of God’s faithfulness and the consistency of those who love and support us.  That way, when times are dark and the future is less clear, we can look back and be reminded of the truth that is behind to be assured of the promise that lies ahead. Love you so much Katie,  Dad