I have some friends who have blogs and I thought it beneficial to take the opportunity to give them a plug. They are doing a great job and I would love to support their blogging efforts! It is so fun to catch up on their lives, try their yummy recipes, read about their cute kids and be encouraged by their life. Without further adieux…

my sister has a wonderful blog about life and home-made living. She is always coming up with new and cheap ways to make and do things. With her chickens, baby on the way, and adventurous heart, there is always something fun to read about, ways to be inspired and think about our homes.

Wild Ink Press I don’t personally know Rebekah, but i do know her mother-in-law from Chico. This blog is so inspiring to me because she is a great thinker. I like the way she thinks through projects and completes them. She has runs a letter-press business and produces beautiful work. Most of all I love the pictures and life that she gets to live in Chico, it reminds me of the life that I loved there and the memories and people that are dear to me.

The Barella family was the campus directors for Campus Crusade for Christ while I was at Chico State. They have since moved to the midwest, but it is really fun to read about what she is up to and working towards. I love the structure of her blog and how she figured out how to blog as a busy mom. She posts 5 things on friday. Things she is thankful for on Thursday. Her cute kids are always giving her an adventure.

Carly Pray is wonderful. I don’t know her super well, or see her often but I do love her blog. She is a busy mom too and is full of life. She lets her kids be kids and parents them well. She has great quick and satisfying recipes that are perfect when you are trying to think of a meal to take to someone.

Chatterbox Corner is about my friends who have triplets. I have known then since Chico days and remember when it was just the 2 of them. The are on Campus Crusade For Christ staff also and are a fun-loving happy family.

Stacey Szumiak my sommolier friend. Stacey just moved to the area, although I have known her for a few years. She is engaged to a friend of mine which means she is here to stay! yay! Stacey is a passionate person that shares her observations and knowledge through her blog. She loves good wine and is currently on a crash wine course on her blog. It is really interesting and fun to be reminded of all the fun things I forgot from my wine courses in college (5 years ago).

Dulce is a girl at my church that has a wonderful ministry to single moms. The Lord has done a tremendous work in her life and it is fun to hear her heart for the Lord on her blog.

Angry Chicken I don’t know who this woman is, but my sister got me on to her and man the woman can SEW! Someday maybe I will be a good sewer…

The Unclutterer can I get this blog intravenously please?

The Organized Home and this one?

Last But not least. Leslie Ludy’s Set Apart Woman blog is so encouraging. I have been encouraged by her since my senior year of high school and she is where I got the inspiration for my wedding, “When God Writes Your Love Story” enjoy enjoy enjoy.