Today I woke up feeling yucky in my throat. Me, not being a pill popper will usually refuse for as long as possible before I take an over the counter medication. All that to say, I grabbed my stuff and headed off to work, with my honey and lemons to get me through the day. It might have been my sister who first showed me this, but I have made it for a while and it is so soothing and helpful. Here is what you do:

Collect lemons, honey and hot water and a mug.

Add hot water, squeeze half a lemon into the water, add honey. So easy. Taste and adjust until all flavors can be tasted without one being overpowering. Enjoy all day.

What is awesome about this is that you can’t have too much, you stay hydrated and the lemon cleans and the honey soothes. Yummy. I pray you don’t get a cold, but if you do, make this. Even if you want a tasty treat as a healthy woman, stir up one of these. Use it before you need to give a presentation, sing, give a speech or something similar. It works like a charm.