Thanks for checking my blog! There have been so many visits, despite my lack of posting. I have missed you very much and think of you often. Please know that when you don’t hear from me, it means that my real life is going great and is full of growth and adventure. So much has happened in the past month and I look forward to sharing with all of you! My pregnancy is progressing wonderfully, we found out we are having a baby girl! Gavin recently got a job working for a company called Romonet. He starts at the end of October and will be traveling to New York and the UK! What a handsome, businessman I have for a husband. I am so proud of him and I know that he will over-deliver and exceed expectations.

Fall is definitely upon us and we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We are loving each day the Lord gives us and can’t imagine being any happier or life being any different. We love our little home and are making many memories. It has been such an exciting first year and we are getting more settled into routines, preferences and habits. Grace abounds.

As a wife, one (of the many) things that I desire to grow in is making our house a home. I am learning that this goes well beyond cooking, cleaning and laundry, thankfully. As a woman I have the ability and a heart to be hospitable and bring warmth, life and beauty to my home. This, as I am finding can be in ways that engage all the senses. One thing we didn’t do in our first year is acknowledge the changing seasons. This was because we were busy and figuring out marriage, but also we just didn’t care. Which is fine! This year, it has been fun to acknowledge fall and try to squeeze fall in where we can. It has been fun to make apple sauce, put out fall decorations, make carmel corn, and plan to go to the pumpkin patch, plant mums and make a beautiful fall wreath. Although, Gavin isn’t actively engaging in pumpkin and gourd placing around the home, I find that when I make an effort to engage the season, he appreciates it and notices the “switch up” around the house. It is fun to smell, see, taste and feel fall-y and look forward to bringing in other seasons in as they come. It does take a tiny bit of planning and thought on my part. I enjoy trying new things, and I find that it takes me about an hour to do each fall thing. There have been some shortcuts that I have been able to take to make it more manageable (like buy pre-popped plain popcorn from Trader Joes for the caramel corn) and I look forward to the new things to come. Seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, but as the wife and soon to be mom, it is a fun “perk” of the job that definitely make me feel like a grown up and communicates to those around me that I care. How do you celebrate or decorate for the changing seasons?