**DISCLAIMER** The photography is HORRIBLE! Maybe someday people will look at the blog because of my beautiful photography… but not today! I snapped them on my phone while on my way out the door to work. I’m trying here people!

The fall decorating continues on Bell street. One nice thing I discovered about decorating your house in season is that the decor is on deep clearance. I boldly walked past all Christmas decorations and then looked back and thought, “I’ll see you soon!” and found the beautiful fall colors and decorations. I found some leaves, fall smelling acorns and nuts, a grapevine wreath form, and a few other things. It was fun to come home make a cup of cider and get to work. It didn’t take that long and I the end result left me very pleased. Gavin and I spent the rest of the evening playing scrabble and once again being thankful and thinking about how blessed we are. How beautiful our new niece is, how exciting it will be to be parents, Gavin’s job, God’s provision, our church and the many people the Lord has put in our life. Now that the weather outside matches the cozy inside, I think we have a great month ahead! Ok on to the horrible pictures! 🙂

this was my 2 second wreath... literally. I have hopes of making a beautiful one with magnolia leaves later.


dollar store and michaels clearance garland that I braided together.


my pretty mums that need to be planted. they look pathetic right now, but will be so nice!