Hello all! Im back for another special addition guest blogger on FeedmyLove. Life has been so busy lately and as you have heard from my wife, the Lord has been blessing us greatly. Since you have heard a little about being pregnant from Katie, I thought I would give a husbands perspective on the last few months.

It has been amazing to see and learn all about the changes that happen in a woman’s body when she is growing a baby. I wont go into all of the details, but I’m floored to learn how much complexity is involved and I truly now believe that each and every baby is a direct act of God.
I will also dispel any rumor that being pregnant makes a woman less attractive to her husband. My wife has never looked more beautiful, and while she may not always feel the part, I find my self even more drawn to her. Pregnancy is a beautiful act of the Lord and I have grown to love my wife even more over these last few months. I know women think that they looked the best on their wedding day, but I can honestly say that the most Beautiful I have ever seen my wife is when she woke up this morning.
The whole idea of fatherhood is overwehlming to me. It hasn’t totally sunk in yet, but to know that I will be responsible for a little life in a few months is both intimidating and exciting. Katie and I had a date last night and went to see the new movie Courageous. We both agreed it was a fantastic call to arms for all men. It very much reinforced the role of the father.Bottom line,I believe, having a baby doesn’t make you a father. Pursuing the Lord and and pushing your family to Him does. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as a bad father… you don’t get to claim the word father unless you are one. The better term for “bad father” is a sperm donor… but you don’t get to claim the word father unless you are intentionally live to glorify the Lord providing and leading your family. If you are wanting an uplifting and encouraging movie I highly suggest Courageous as a great date night and conversation starter. Guys be warned, if you are content being a sperm donor, dont watch the movie and stay on the couch. It has a great call and should inspire any man to reevaluate his life.
I am definitely praying that I will be able to lead our family in a worth manner. It is indeed one of the highest callings to be a husband and father, or a wife and mother, and I think its time we started treating it as such.