A friend of mine posted a beautiful picture of Chico on Facebook this morning. It was taken right at sunrise and captured the downtown beautifully. It instantly made me wish I was bundled up and walking through downtown, headed to breakfast with a fun Christmassy day ahead. There are so many things about that town that I love and I think about being there often. Now that my life is in the Bay Area, married with a baby on the way, working full-time, involved in Church and Ministry, and loving being close to family it is so hard for me to make the time to get there. It is so close, only 2 and a half hours and I am always happy and glad to be there.

What my heart misses most is the people. And the person that I became while I lived there. That is where I became an adult and transitioned from a squirrley high school student to a productive member of society with my head high and my heart full. Who knows, maybe the Lord would have done the same work in my heart had I gone to school anywhere, but I am thankful that He chose beautiful Chico. When I remember the time that I spent and the memories that were made it always warms my heart and makes me want to be there. Many times I wish that I was from Chico so that I would have a reason to go back all of the time. For a while I was getting my haircut in Chico, just so I would have a reason to go up every 8 weeks. As life became more busy here, it became less feasible.

I love the life that I have here, but I long for the life I had there. I try to find ways to merge the 2 but it just doesn’t work that way. Some day I would love to move there, take Madeline for walks in Bidwell and sip coco at Bidwell Perk and run into the people who I love. Walking in the creeks, sitting on porches, being with people, making memories, being struck by beauty and simplicity of God’s creation are things that I loved that Chico forced me to do. Life in Chico just happens in a beautiful way. I know it will never be like it was, but I would love to see how my life there could be. Maybe the Lord will open the door for us to go back as a family. Maybe the Lord will give us the grace to stay here and find ways to live a Chico life here.

I know that it isn’t the place that makes the memories and lifestyle… it is my heart. Maybe I allow myself to get too distracted here. Maybe I compare myself to others too much. Maybe I need to get outside and away more. Maybe I should just ride my bike and run like I did there. Maybe I should have an open home and be content with what the Lord has given me today. Maybe I shouldn’t let the condition of my heart be so dictated by my environment and surroundings.

I guess I should trust the Lord. I guess I shouldn’t wait until tomorrow to do the things I love. I guess I should desire to live my life intentionally and remember that THIS is the day that the Lord has made. I should rejoice and be glad in it. And like Sarah and the Proverbs 31 woman I should smile at the future and not be afraid. God has given me the ability to live my best life now. Because of HIM.

I still wish I lived in Chico though…. 🙂

Thanks Vic for the beautiful picture!