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Last Friday was a very exciting day for Walnut Creek. Today was a very exciting day for me! Nothing Bundt Cakes, a Bundt Cake Bakery, opened on Bothello in the Ross Parking Lot. This bakery has been in Dublin for a year or so and was a big perk of going to Babies R Us down there. But now… it’s finally here. Today my wonderful coworkers Christine and Nicholette stopped by after our lunch and tried it out. They had delicious samples, cute cake accessories and bundt cakes galore! They truely make an exceptional cake at a good price. They have many delicious flavor combinations, are very moist and decorated nicely. It is a nice diversion from the typical cake or cupcake and pleasantly satisfying. The slices have a great consistancy and are a nice size, with not too much frosting.

When we went today Christine bought 12 bundtini’s for $16. They were about the size of a cupcake and presented nicely. We brought them back to the office and tried their top 4 flavors. Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Lemon, White Chocolate Raspberry and Red Velvet. Delicious. Some great things about the place:

-When looking at ordering a cake, their proces are very comparable, if not cheaper

– They deliver and will include color coordinating baloons upon request for an additional fee

– They have cakes for all occasions and will customize banners and colors as needed.

– They really are delicious… This is not your dry typical potluck bundt cake.

I leave you today with the Ode to Bundt Cakes and a survey to find out where you satisfy your sweet tooth in Walnut Creek.