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Your only a day away! Well I can’t believe my first pregnancy is nearly over. This has been such a blessed and God ordained time and I am so thankful for ALL that the Lord has done. Every step has been a great learning process and miracle in experiencing God knitting together a life inside of me! It feels like I have been pregnant FOREVER! I guess finding out at 4 weeks makes it a little more or a waiting game. When I look at all that has happened and changed from then until now, I can only say Glory and thanks be to God. We started this whole thing walking from a house we were ready to buy and Gavin being unemployed. My sister was pregnant with her little one that we knew nothing about. Gavin’s step-dad had just passed away and I was getting more settled into my job. Now, Gavin has a job, we are more in of a routine and involved in ministry, my niece is now 4 months old, the Lord has provided for more than all of our needs, we have been overwhelmingly blessed by friends and family at showers, dinner, bible study, work, and living life with people. We are so grateful.

And here we are. Our last day without a baby. Since things have been progressing so long we have been celebrating our “last day” of pregnancy for the last 3 weeks! But we are finally here. If she doesn’t come on her own, they will be inducing me tomorrow morning. I am half way done with active labor (5cm) and my nurse practitioner said that she could literally come at any time, but to be safe and sure they will get things going tomorrow. Just to keep a fun record of things that we have done to prepare and enjoy the last few weeks here are some of the fun things we have been up to:

– knocking out a whole to-do list of 30+ things for life and around the house

– made a playlist for delivery 🙂

– went to foot reflexology… it didn’t work

-ate super spicy peppers with a friend… it didn’t work

-walked and walked and walked… it didn’t work

– had preggo pizza… it didn’t work

– went to the hospital at 1 am because my we thought my water broke… it hadn’t

– had a few dear friends give birth in the last few weeks to beautiful and healthy babies

– brushed up on parenting skills at John Muir Women’s Health Center, and I laughed almost all the way through the lactation video.

– got the nursery all done! Pics to come…

– had the car seat installed and checked at the police station.

-cleaned and did laundry

-had lunch and dinner with good friends

– saw a few movies (tin tin was adorable, chronicle was weird, beauty and the beast was wonderful and a few others)

– I have been waddling around like a penguin, unable to bend over or see my feet and many other delightful pregnancy happenings

And now its almost all over and a new chapter begins. Our bags are packed and in the car. Tomorrow we will meet our precious baby girl and begin our life as parents, shepherding her heart and committing all of our ways (and her) to the Lord. We have prayed for this child and God, in His faithfulness and power knit her together for His glory and our good. There are so many unknown joys and trials ahead. We trust that God will continue to write our love story and bring about His good purposes in our lives. I have wanted to be a mom my whole life and now it’s here.

Lord give me grace and help me to honor You in this new role. Gavin will be a wonderful dad and a blessing to our daughter and home. His joy, wisdom and love for the Lord will equip Him to lead with Grace and Truth and I am honored and excited to walk under his authority. Thank you Lord for the life you have given us.