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Little Madeline was 2 weeks old on Saturday. She is beautiful, healthy and thriving. Even though I just met her a few days ago, I can’t imagine not knowing her and having her in my life. Our pediatrician advised us to keep her secluded for the first 30 days, to prevent her from getting sick and to get used to being alive in the world. I am definitely ready to get back to church to see our dear friends and get back into a normal routine. So far she is sleeping and eating great. Everything is easier when everyone is well rested. People have been so kind, bringing dinner, treats, prayers and love and hugs. Thank you for your generosity, care and excitement about our little girl! Every comment and “like” on my facebook is such an encouragement to us. We appreciate you loving her!

Gavin went back to work today, we were so blessed that Gavin was able to take 2 weeks off of work to help take care of me and be together as our new little family. We had many tears of joy cry sessions, laughs and times of appreciation to the Lord for His kindness to us. It was so nice to have Gavin home with us. Since Madeline has been born, my love for him continues to grow and I am amazed at his increasing capacity to love, lead, and provide for me. He went above and beyond making sure I was resting and taken care of, cleaning the house, and holding and loving his baby girl. Madeline has no idea what she is in for with her sweet daddy who loves her tremendously. Madeline is a blessed girl to have such a wonderful, God honoring dad; I look forward to watching their relationship grow over the years.

This is a new time of life for all of us and I love it already. There will be challenges and trials, Gavin and I will have new things to learn about ourselves and each other, and we have a lot of choices to make as time goes on. I pray that we would be a family that loves the Lord without hypocrisy and have a lifestyle that reflects grace and saving faith everyday of the week. We will not be perfect but I pray we are faithful.

Enjoy the pictures from our last few weeks

clockwise from top left: going to the hospital, breakfast with the fitches before going to the hospital, waiting, more waiting, baby girl!

clockwise from top left: the first hours, first valentine's flower from daddy, sleeping, relaxing with crazy hair, time with dad