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Today is good Friday. The day that our Lord was despised, rejected, beaten, mocked, crucified, bled and died. He was the propitiation for our sin. This was the most horrible, yet most glorious, time for our Lord. But we call it GOOD Friday. We look at this day and rejoice in His suffering.
I have been thinking about this today while we were in San Jose for a memorial service. When we have difficult times in life, rejoicing isn’t usually our first response. We complain, justify, question or sometimes just ignore the sin or trial.
In looking at the example of Christ, who knew no sin, who had every reason to respond in other ways, he prayed and asked the Lord to let this cup pass. He then endured the mocking and trial, like a sheep let to slaughter yet He opened not His mouth. And did what God had said.
What an example to us. In trials it is good to pray, be with the Lord to understand what His will is, and then endure whatever the situation with long suffering and trust the Lord desiring God’s glory in all things.
This was the most horrible day for Him but we call it good. My prayer is that while we go through our lives we might look back over the hardest times and call them good. Good, not because it feels good and the most wonderful thing, but because God is using it to make us into the image of Christ and refining our hearts.
As believers we can consider our trials good and rejoice in them. I pray I remember this as I celebrate this Easter weekend.