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Yes. I believe these statements can go hand in hand. We have a good and loving God that cares about us and His glory. While He forms our life into the image of Christ He has an end goal in sight. He wants to take us through the hard times, the valleys, the hardship and refining because HE LOVES us. despite our preferences, desires or ability He helps us through and goes before us. He sees our progress when we don’t. He knows we can’t and don’t want to do it. But more importantly he knows that it is good and important for us.

Recently I have been reminded of this by our sweet little Mads. She is a great baby and a joy to us. She eats well, sleeps well, smiles, mimics the faces we make at her and is overall content. However, there are things she does not prefer such as tummy time. She hates it. I would go so far to say abhor. It is by far the worst 5 minutes of her day. She cries so loud and hard the whole time. Kicking flailing the whole bit. Sometimes she just burrows her head to the mat and just wails. As her mom, I know that is important for her to strengthen her neck and muscles and be on her tummy a little bit during the day, plus the doctor told us to and the last thing I want to do is lye to dr. Kong, the nicest pediatrician in the world.

In addition to tummy time , I am supposed to hold her head for a few seconds to the right side because she always I mean ALWAYS has it turned to the left and she has a flat spot on her head to prove it. It’s really not a big deal I just hold her cheek to the right a few times a day. She hates this too. It does not hurt her nor is it for very long, it is just not what she wants to do. Ever.

This reminds me of my relationship with Christ. He convicts me of sin or areas of weakness or growth in my heart and facilitates time in my day to work on it. And I hate it, get angry, don’t do it and can really be a baby about it. But God is patient with me to help me try again, be encouraged in my weakness and sees progress when I don’t. Thankfully the Lord doesn’t give up on me. When I turn around and see the growth it gives me another reason to be thankful and grateful to the Lord.

Madeline is doing so much better at tummy time and doesn’t even realize it. She is getting stronger. Her neck is getting more range of motion and she is looking with her whole head to the right. Someday she might thank me for being able to look to the right and not have a flat head. Probably not, but I care about that growth and development in her more than she does. Hopefully all will be fixed before she realizes it was ever an issue.

With the Lord I pray He continues to challenge, grow and convict my heart in areas I don’t see on my own so they are solved and fixed before they become an issue and prevent worship to God.