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There is a new store in Sunvalley that I recommend you try. It’s called Teavana and it is all tea. They have scads of loose leaf tea, interesting tools and tea pots, yummy samples and a wealth of tea knowledge. Gavin and I went in the other day and were really impressed and enjoyed learning and asking questions. They demystified loose leaf tea, which always seems messy and unnecessary to me. They have a great brochure that is really informative. When you buy tea they print out a label that has all the directions, temperatures and steep time and put it on the bag or tin. They also had interesting German Rock sugar which was delicious. Check out their website Teavana or download their free app in the app store that has a tea timer and more tea facts and info. Take a friend and head on over for a taste test and a lesson in the age old practice of brewing tea.