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Yesterday was Gavin’s 29th birthday and it was really fun to celebrate my man! Gavin is a true kid at heart which makes it fun to make a special day for him. Along with other things he loves games, superheroes, laughing, solving puzzles and being with family. Sounds like the makings of a good birthday huh?! For his birthday I thought that it would be fun to make cupcakes, settlers of catan style. His favorite game. They were surprisingly easy to make. I made 37 cupcakes and frosted them white. Then I used they Wilton’s food coloring spray to make each color tile, including the ocean. He spray allowed colors to be layered and add dimension Necco wafers were the perfect number tile. We wrote on them and placed accordingly, actually my sister wrote the cool looking numbers and put the cool finishing touches. Not too shabby and they looked great! Here is the final product.