This morning I had a desire to blog. I woke up and came downstairs with Mads and thought it was a perfect morning to put down some of my thoughts on life. As I sit here, I can’t think of anything to blog about. Our recent move? Organizing our kitchen? Homemade pasta? Plans for the fall? Babies? friends? Church? I have serious writers block. But isn’t that kind of like life? I get wrapped up in what I’m doing and loving every minute and not taking time to experience any of it. At any given time I would give an emphatic yes I have a wonderful blessed life, but I often don’t take time to reflect, process, praise the Lord, and learn from the life I am living. Recently, I am once again humbled that life moves quickly, whether I am ready and present or not! This Thursday Gavin and I will have been married for 2 years and I feel like in some ways I have missed it! I really can’t believe the time has gone by. I remember the time, and can reflect back on our journal but I don’t have a feeling in my heart that time has passed. Is that because we have an eternal soul that does not know age? Why is that? I’m not sure about that but I am sure that I don’t want this post to turn into a philosophical and deep thing. 🙂 What I am learning and desiring is to savor the moments. Enjoy the time, be in good habits, invest in others, take pictures, make memories, live at peace with all men, be in a regular quiet time, try something new everyday, keep what matters in perspective. This time in life will pass. The moving boxes will go away, the kitchen will be put together, Madeline will start crawling, the new baby will come, the football season will end and life will continue. And when it does I want to know it has ended and that the new is coming. It is not  question of if life will be in transition, it is how the Lord refines my heart and mind during those times. That is the proof and evidence of time passing and life pushing on. Our only goal and highest aim should be God’s Glory. To God alone be glory. Since I do have an eternal soul the best thing to do is worship an eternal God. Life will continue; little and big things here and there but I want life to be punctuated with times of worshiping and being refined by an eternal God, instead of the futile and fleeting days and seasons that the hamster wheel of life has us on. Life can be monotonous and we go into cruise control through the seasons, holidays and times. Worshiping God and dwelling on HIM takes us off a spinning wheel and puts us on an eternal linear position of an eternal God that is new every morning. Praise the Lord.