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Well today is the day that this finally hits the world wide web. This list has been saved on my computer for sometime now and it is time that the world sees it! So for the most part, this list is local businesses. Why? Because I figure that any chain can be found on the internet and its pretty my WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). The local places are harder to find and a new person is less likely to take a risk to try it. A person who is completely new to the east bay will benefit the most from it, in my opinion because people who have lived here already have their norms. These are reputable starting places for people to try until they get into a local routine, closer to their home and lifestyle. My hope is that it will help people feel welcome and settle in to the east bay quickly. I have grown up in the 680 and 24 corridor so that is where most of my recommendations come from. All of the titles are links so the digital copy makes things easy. Please know that this list is not exhaustive, I don’t gain anything by making the recommendations  there are other places that I like that aren’t on here, this is just a starting point. I wasn’t able to protect the document and I wanted you to benefit from the links, please use it as needed, but don’t sell it or change the colors and claim that it’s yours. There will be a complete E-Book someday but this will suffice for now!

Katie’s Picks of the East Bay