When I worked with Odyssey, facilitating team-building activities and ropes courses there were different safety and team phrases to ensure that people were focused, ready and safe. Most of the phrases were a series of phrases said between one person and the rest of the group. The person experiencing the activity first hand, when they were ready to jump, fall, hit, or whatever, would say, when they were ready, “Support team ready?” and those responsible for the catching, belaying, or receiving of the person, would shout enthusiastically, “Support team READY!!!” there would be a similar exchange and then the person would do whatever the activity was prompting.

There was a lot of learning for participants during those exchanges. It was such a good reminder that while you are on a team, you are a vital part of that team. Even if you aren’t the one front and center you are playing a role that will determine everyone else’s success. If you are a person catching, you must be ready to catch and do your part, or the whole experience instantly changes, to unsafe, unsuccessful and out of control.

Last week in Woman’s Bible Study the teacher began talking about the role of prayer, accountability and mentorship in her life and going through the list of the support team that she has ready all the time! She has a lady that calls daily, another she meets with weekly, another group of ladies that get together to pray, and a ladies who she keeps informed and has pray for her for times when she is teaching and needs the support and encouragement. I was really challenged and encouraged by this. She had her people. When she was about to jump she had people to call out to, “Support team ready? Support team I need encouragement with my teenage girls! Support team, I am teaching and desire the Lord to work through me! Support team!! Look what the Lord has done!” and all of her team is ready to call back, “We are ready! Remember to gird yourself with scripture! Be encouraged, the Lord has prepared these good works for you!  Keep pressing, you have the Holy Spirit!”

It is important to have your people. It is good to have the people you can call anytime of day or night and ask them to help you, pray for you, and remind you of the sovereignty and power of Jesus Christ. Do you have people? It needn’t be a long list, maybe 3 or 4, maybe more, or a married couple you trust and are walking through life with. Either way, have them ready, let them know that you want them as your support team and you want to be there for them. Communicate and be real with them, letting them know how to pray for you and how to support them.

In Acts 4:23-31 it is really encouraging that right after Peter and John were released from prison they returned to the other apostles and they prayed. They had their support team ready and when they were reunited they prayed that their ministry would be furthered and for their oppressors. They didn’t get together and gossip, slander or complain. This was a Godly, focused group of men that knew God and desired to see His name glorified. How encouraging.

As you look for people in your support team, it should be people who love Jesus Christ, have a solid understanding of the Bible, and are connected in a local church and are your same gender. You aren’t collecting the coolest people you know, or those who you want to “claim as your support team” we are talking GODLY.

Hopefully you already have your list and are already praying for them.

“Support Team Ready?”