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Madeline entered the world of solid food a few months ago. It started with Cherrios, puffs, then to peas, green beans, barley cereal, oatmeal, you know the usuals. In the last month or so we have been giving her more solid food to help develop her palette and exposure to textures. It has been fun to give her some of our favorites like artichoke hearts, avocado, eggs, and meatballs. So far she has really enjoyed food and takes to the new foods well. At 8 months old she is really doing well with food and I love being able to share one of God’s best creations with her.

Today hit an all time high. Apparently she now has a distinguished palette. Which is great, but too bad because she will still have to eat whatever dinner mommy serves her. While eating my lunch today, a spicy, curry chicken salad, I thought maybe Madeline would like to try it. I gave her the first bite and after processing the new flavor and texture she started her usual , “hmm, hmmm hmmmm” of pleasure. I gave her a few more bites of the chicken, raisins, carrot and other things in there and then gave her a bite of her oatmeal. Tears welled up in her eyes and she had this look of total disgust on her face! She has had oatmeal probably everyday for the last month and a half and really likes it, but not today.

At first I thought it was a fluke and she was just tired and done eating, and kept giving her oatmeal and the same response continued. Curious, I gave her a bite of the curry, and she smiled and did her, “hmm, hmmm” thing. I gave her oatmeal. tears. curry. smile. oatmeal with a bit of curry. smile. oatmeal. tears. I finished off her meal with tears and oatmeal, laughing at her food preference. Tonight she will be back to food in the normal baby food category and hopefully she will be ok. silly girl.

The moral of the story was, don’t share food with Madeline unless you are ready to give her all of it. And maybe I should expose her to food that maybe isn’t as pricey quite yet, because apparently she might like it.