A few weeks ago Gavin and I found out that as far as we can tell, a little boy will be joining our family in February. We would have been thrilled either way, just are overwhelmed with joy and anticipation knowing and praying for my little BOY! My whole life I have wanted 5 boys so I could feed them and do my best to give the world 5 god-fearing, upstanding, strong, hard-working men, who lead well.

Maybe that desire came from feeling like there was a shortage of “good guys” out there in my early-mid twenties and promising I would help the next generation of women out. Or maybe its just the joy that I get from seeing little boys play and make noises and their simple but poignant thought process. Either way, I am so thankful and filled with anticipation to have a little boy. I already look forward to tripping over trucks and finding pockets full of dirt and seeing the really sweet side of him that comes out right before bedtime.

A friend had a bunch of little boy clothes and as I was overwhelmed with joy about this little man. They are so different than girl clothes and I can hardly believe that I will have a little boy to wear these clothes! I get a BOY! I pray that he will love the Lord, have a God-given desire to be kind to and protect his big sister, he will learn early that his father is wise, kind, lots of fun and the best example that he could ever have of a man who loves the Lord and leads his family. I pray that his heart will be full of wonder, discernment, humility and self control. I pray that words like courage, boldness, valor, strength, dignity and meekness would prick his mind and he would pursue them.

As the years go on I pray that I would be an encouragement, example, pointing him to Christ, teaching him to pray and showing him the truth of God’s word. I pray that this would be the first of many more boys the Lord would bless my life with and that in 25 years there will be a picture on our mantel of the 5 Cumming’s men towering over Gavin and I, our hearts full that we were able to be their parents. Or this will be the only boy the Lord entrusts me with and I will fill him to the brim with love. Praise the Lord. 5 girls would be a whole other story 🙂 we will save that blog for another day…

for now..let the noise, dirt, and joy begin.