Life has been so full and the Lord has been very kind to our family. Gavin is a blessing to our home, Madeline is a sweet girl who is learning and growing everyday, our son will be here in the next few weeks. Henry our nephew was born a few weeks and is healthy and strong. Christmas was full of family, friends, traditions, memories and really special times. 

Honestly I can’t remember the last time I posted, I am amazed that it is January 2013. If there is one thing that I have been struck with is that time moves FAST. Life happens. Seasons come and go, every hallmark holiday seems to come around as soon as I can get them uploaded onto my computer. Weeks seem to flood by. Some days seem to drag on but I blink and suddenly it’s Friday. To do lists seem to get longer and longer.

In all of it, it is so easy to forget Christ, make Him a habit, routine, or rest in what we already know. Listening to Christian music and being in the wonderful community that we are in sometimes I feel like a tree that is full grown but still has the stakes on it. It is important to remember that we need to savor Christ everyday. Christ must remain consistent and constant in our life because really we can’t afford to lose ground. Life just goes so fast, too fast to not let Him reign supreme. 

We make time for what is important to us. We schedule things in that are a priority. Christ must be the foundation of our relationship, hearts, lives and days. Christ is too important to be an annual resolution, a daily check box, or a Sunday habit. He is worthy of all things, master of all time, and ruler of all hearts. He is the ultimate everything and will always be. A Godly life consists of Godly days, walking by the Spirit, and trusting in His Word. 

Now that I am almost a mother of 2, a wife, sister, friend, and the list of other hats I could put on. Once again I am reminded about how fast time goes. It really is go time. This is the time I thought about, dreamed of prayed for and desired for many years. Now is the time to put into action all the plans, goals and dreams about how I thought this time would be like. If  my desire for my kids to grow up in a Christian home, now is the time. My words must be gracious, my discipline must be gospel centered, my life must reflect the Word that is hidden in my heart. These days all of life seems very real. Reality is everyday and so is the housework, cooking, errands and all the things that this world holds. 

Above all I find hope in Christ and am strengthened by His Word everyday. I am so thankful for all the Lord has done and although the time goes lightening fast, it is crucial that Christ is savored in my heart everyday. In Him lies my satisfaction, joy, strength, and any success. My prayer is that my family will have the blessing of a mother that loves the Lord, trusts in His Word and is a wife and mother who pleases Him. I pray that Madeline and her brother have a mom that rises early to be with her Lord, that my kids know that in all things their mother prays for them and hears them do it, that their mother would respond in a godly way to the trails that life brings and that they someday hope in the same Lord for their life. Life just goes to fast to have any other goals or desires. Pretty soon I will blink and this season will be over.