Recently, I have heard the comment, “It’s just too much” coming out of the mouths of women of all ages. It’s just too much homework, cleaning, cooking, laundry, baby care, schedule, responsibilities at work, driving, emotional investment, the list goes on. When I have heard this my initial response was to empathize and let them know that I understood.

After thinking about it more I realized that statement just isn’t true, it is not helpful, and it does not reflect a heart that trusts the Lord. When I am saying that my situation is “too much” what I am really saying is Lord, you clearly don’t understand what I need, deserve, want or expect out of my situation. What my heart is saying is, “Lord I don’t trust you”. Comments such as “the whole thing is just really overwhelming”, “things are just kind of a lot”, “My plate is just too full”, are a day-to-day expression of “I can do it better myself”. In addition, when our heart has those thoughts, it is usually not accompanied by a heart of thanks, joy, or dependence on God.

In reality, things are not too much for us. If God thought the situation was too much for us, He would change our situation. We can definitely make a petition to the Lord and make our requests to Him, He wants us to go to Him with an honest heart; not a complaining heart. In our prayers it is easy to whine, be demanding, or insist that our way is the only way. What an irreverent way to approach the Most High King! We must bow before His throne with humility, in adoration with confession of our unworthiness and thanks for all He has done. That in itself is a prayer that the Lord will hear, and because of the Holy Spirit we have an intercessor and Christ has made a way to go before Him with our requests.

What a blessing it is to have the ability to ask the Lord for strength, wisdom, discernment, direction and truth. The Lord is faithful to refine our hearts when we ask Him and measure our life according to Scripture. If we think that life is too much for us, it is not an issue of God, it is an issue of us. God has not been wayward. He has not been silent. He has not been unclear. WE have become dull of hearing. WE have had a rebellious heart. WE have not sought out or adhered to council. WE have been arrogant and not asked. WE have not been submissive to the authority in our life. The issue is US . How dare we take our shortcomings and place them on our perfect, sovereign, holy creator and King. The problem is us.

If you are tempted to say that your life or situation is too much, let me encourage you my friend.

– Spend some serious time in the Word and look for all of the reasons why God is to be praised, worshiped, esteemed and adored. Fill your heart and mind with truth about who God is.

-Pray and ask God to humble your heart. Beg Him to give a soft heart that is teachable, soft and turned towards Him. Ask Him to give you courage to follow through with the convictions He brings to your heart.

– Think about your life and identify direct authorities in your life. This could be a parent, teacher, pastor, elder, husband, or boss. Show them all that is going on and ask them what they think you should cut out, be doing differently, continue or delegate. Also ask them what their timeframe is for completion, things might just need to be on hold. Do not complain to them, don’t whine, accuse, blame, or cut them down. They are your authority. They are here to protect and guide you. If you are married, you need to go to your husband FIRST. Ask him to protect your schedule.  Ask him for guidance in decision-making. Ask him what he thinks you should do. Just  remember that with any authority, you are not responsible for their leadership, but you are accountable for your response to it. Does it seem unjust? Unfair? Let God handle it and TRUST HIM with a THANKFUL HEART. Unbiblical? Illegal? Take appropriate action.

– Also identify people who you can go to for counsel: friends, partners in ministry, bible study leaders, or even other pastors who have preached on the issue and ask them their opinion about your situation that is too much or overwhelming and hear their input, what their encouragement is and how to proceed in the most God honoring way. Be sure you are not gossiping or cutting down the authority in your life. If you are married, tell your husband if you plan to go talk to someone else about something that he did or is doing that is bothering you.

– Move forward with the decisions the authority has made for you and ask God to work on your heart if you don’t agree. Especially after approaching the authority directly, after you have received their input you can walk confidently in knowing that this is exactly where and what the Lord has for you. End of Story. No more questions.

– Don’t focus on the situation. Focus on God. Encouraging others. Learning Truth. The situation will pass in due time. But it is not too much for you. It is exactly what you need right now.

Sometimes hard choices need to be made. Sometimes your heart attitude needs to be adjusted. But we know that the Lord’s yoke is easy and His burden is light. He has not forgotten or forsaken you. He loves you. We can cast our cares on Him because He cares for you. And that doesn’t mean we always get what we think we want or need. We can focus on what is unseen, for what is unseen is eternal and what is seen is temporary. We can see our faith increase. We can see our hearts change. We can watch the Lord refine our life. And in time we will be able to rejoice and THANK Him for whatever is too much. Rest easy my sister. The Lord will carry you.