My prayer is that you read my blog because you have a desire to know God, hear truth and be encouraged. I am not a writer, I am not a theologian, I am not well read. What I do know is that I love the Lord and I have a desire to see HIM glorified in all things. To make me low and Him Great. To proclaim Jesus Christ and Him crucified, putting to death my sin on the cross, overcoming the grave and death itself. When you read my blog, you are giving me your time; a portion of your day and for that I am grateful.

My desire is to encourage you to think about the things of the Lord and what He is doing in your heart. I believe that sanctification comes as a gift from GOD, not based on anything that we can do. Christ’s work on the Cross for us was enough and needs not be supplemented, added to or strengthened by anything. I believe that the bible is complete, without error and written by God Himself. I believe that the Holy Spirit indwells the life of everyone that God calls to Himself and that are lives are to be marked by the fruit of the Spirit. Also I believe that our hearts and minds should be heaven minded; that our goal of this life is to Glorify God and be anxious for heaven where we will worship God forever. I believe that Christ is the Crown of heaven, HE is our prize and reward.

On this blog you will find anecdotes of my life and family, some pictures, current events, recipes, crafts, trips and my thoughts. Please do not let allow any of those things to be more intriguing than Christ HIMSELF. Read this blog because you hope to find CHRIST here and Grace dispensed by a faithful servant who desires to grow in truth. Like I said, I am not a theologian or teacher, I don’t hold any fancy biblical degrees. I am a wife, mom, friend, sister, daughter, woman who just desires to live a life that honors Christ and as my life is bathed with the cleansing Word of God, His grace is displayed in my life, to HIS glory and credit, not mine. Things said here and done in my life are a work in progress, any good or encouragement you see here is because of Christ and his kindness to me. Please be patient with me, I am a 28 year old who has lots to learn and ways to grow. Sometimes I bite off topics which are more than I can chew. Grace abounds. Search for the nugget of Truth, sometimes you need to ask God to show it to you. 🙂

The reason I blog is to keep a written record of the things that the Lord is teaching me, so I can remind myself of God’s Holiness, Power, Strength and Control when I so easily forget. I want my children to see God’s grace in my life. I want them to know without a doubt that they have a mom who Loves CHRIST first, most and best. and that I love and adore their daddy more than anyone else on this Earth who I am honored to love, support, help, honor and submit to. Really I blog for myself, because I am weak but GOD IS FAITHFUL. You are welcome to follow along and get a peek at what a life looks like that is imperfect, unkempt, joyful, lavished with grace, and rooted by faith in Christ and the God of the Bible. We have lots of smiles, laughs and spontaneous good times here around this household and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Be encouraged. Go in Grace. Find Truth in Christ alone, in His Word alone, and His blood shed for sinners just like me. Happy reading.