When Gavin and I got married we had no Pinterest. Shocking I know. All I had was my good old fashioned brain, my creative family, stacks of magazines and personal experience at loads of weddings…and my wonderful fiance. These days many photographers and magazines feature the weddings they have done on their blogs. Today, I feature my own wedding on my blog, I thought it would be fun to give Gavin and I our own 15 seconds of fame. It really was a beautiful day and an incredible honor to be so blessed with such a day. There are also a few other wedding celebrations that are included too. To read our vows click here.

Vendor Credits:

Graphic Design: Sara Fitch

Ceremony Venue: Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church

Reception Venue: Holy Trinity Cultural Center

Catering: Wilma Lott

Photographer: Poise Photography

Videographer: Grant Miles

Florist: Pears and Peices

Decor: Self

Cake: Moonlight Cakes

Pre-marital Counseling: Tim and Patti Lokkesome



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