This year we decided to do our state of the Fitches a little bit later in January because we were waiting until we heard about a job that Gavin had applied for. Now that we received the news of not receiving the position we are looking forward to being together to reflect and plan. My sister and brother in-law have done an annual planning meeting, called the State of The Fitches, since they have been married and we thought it was a great habit to start. We have seen the benefit of living in a way that is intentional, planned, united and specific. We have had a lot of change in our 3.5 years of marriage and it is encouraging to be reminded that we are making progress, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Also, we have been encouraged to look back over the past year and see all that has happened and how the Lord has continued to write our growing love story. For those that would be so inclined, let me share a few documents that have been helpful to us. 

Goal Setting

Annual Reflection