Today is the second time this week that I have had a difficult time getting traction on my day. Getting projects finished, staying on task, remembering what I am to be doing, it is just that kind of day. The kiddos have had a hard time napping today, it makes it hard fImageor me to run around and finish my list when I am sitting there watching a computer screen attached to the camera in their room to be sure that everyone is in bed. There isn’t a lot to do, I know what to make for dinner and have the groceries, Gavin is almost home and the house just needs some good old fashioned hard work to get it back in order. We are home today which is nice to keep it casual. 

Usually on days like this the temptation to be angry, lazy and just forfeit are great. It is also easy for me to put the kids in the car and abandon it all and go to the park or my moms house. Today I took a slightly different approach. I decided to do something fun for me that I could accomplish and would be productive for the day. Tonight we have some high school boys coming over and I make a snack for them, so today among the dirty kitchen I just set to it and made it. The kids were still there up in bed and being tended to but I just made it. It was rewarding for me to find a delicious recipe and make it.

An aside;  I have a new best friend and mentor, she happens to live in Oklahoma, we will never meet and she doesn’t know that I exist, but nonetheless we are bosom-buddies. Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman is delightful. The other day my mom mentioned that she was watching her show and it reminded her of me and I was very honored 🙂 I have been reading her blog and really enjoy it. Not to say that I don’t love my life, but if the opportunity came to move to the country and raise my brood of children with my strapping husband I would not turn it down. A part of me loves paleo cooking and healthy healthy healthy, but Ree speaks to this delightful part of my soul that screams for flavor, adventure, butter and culinary freedom. Delicious and flavorful food is biblical. end of discussion 🙂 I try to keep a balance, but the scale is a bit tilted…

Where was I oh yes, my non-60-acre-ranch-with-incredible-farmhouse, our little home needs tending too. I got the bread baked made a delicious breakfast that was very quick. I drank a big mason of water and started feeling better, encouraged that I can accomplish the tasks of the day. The house smells irresistibly delicious, which greeting Gavin as soon as he walked in the door, distracting him from a few things that weren’t done around the house, he is very gracious about those kinds of things. The kids are now sleeping and I am ready to get into high gear. 

So much of life is structured, busy, goal oriented and to be honest kind of boring. Sometimes in life I think we need to give ourselves the freedom to ENJOY the beautiful things God gave us. Like his Word, not your bible reading plan, just taking to your bible and perusing. Or playing with kids. Or writing a blog post. Reading an inspiring blog. Maybe have a lollypop, or a treat you have tucked away. Taking just 15 minutes or so and doing something that is delightful for you is good for the soul and motivating for our hearts. What can you do that would inspire you afresh to keep pushing on through your day? When recreation or relaxation is structured, give yourself the freedom to enjoy it, don’t feel guilty or get distracted about what you should be doing. Set a timer and relish in the time. Just try it. Happy Friday!