Sunday Is Coming! Are you ready?

Knowing that Easter is coming, as a believer it is important for me to prepare my heart and communicate to my children why Easter is special for mommy and daddy and why I pray that it will one day be important and treasured by them. Here are a few resources that I have used this year to help prepare my heart and include the kids.

1. Resurrection Eggshave been a fun way to tell the story over and over. I think it makes a difference that no book is required, so it helps me to remember and look in their eyes to tell the story.

2.RisenThis CD by Sovereign Grace is on repeat in the car and at home. The kids like to dance and sing along to.

3. This PDF lays out the Passion Week day by day and helps me focus my thoughts for the day. With the bible reference right there it makes it easy to find it quickly and savor the Words.

4. We pulled out all of the kids bible books and and have been reading them through out the week. It has been an easy thing to grab and read quickly, same information with new pictures! Some of the books we use include Mighty Acts of God: A Family Bible Story BookThe Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name, Thoughts to Make Your Heart SingThe Gospel Story Bible: Discovering Jesus in the Old and New Testaments

5. We will also be celebrating in culture. For our family, part of being in community, knowing and loving neighbors is to enjoy some of the cultural celebrations, with wisdom and discernment. We will go to a few egg hunts in the area, wear a party dress, eat special food and have an Easter basket. Even though others there might not know the truth of why Easter is important, we can enjoy them more fully knowing why we celebrate and have such anticipation and excitement. And celebrate, just like at the triumphal entry with believers and unbelievers alike rejoicing and celebrating our KING!!!!!

6. Along with some other Easter cooking we will be making Resurrection Rolls quickly before church, Gavin leaves early to sing for church, hopefully things can be all ready and come together!

Hopefully this will give you one new idea or at least get creative juices flowing about how you can incorporate your children into your preparation for Easter. Whatever you decide to do don’t let the preparation distract you from the main event. Do what you can and do it with joy. What does your family do?