Katie+Gavin288This morning, as always, I received my good morning note from Gavin followed up with a call a bit later. Today, I am thankful for him now more than ever. I am grateful for the conviction he has and the desire for justice, leadership and truth. Here is an email he sent to me this morning regarding the ruling of The Supreme Court of The United States. The future of our country, homes, families and life is only known to God and I hope that regardless of where you stand on the issue you will continue to stand on the Word of God, Pray, Serve in your local church and desire to glorify The Lord with their life. This is the early morning opinions of my husband. One thing that makes this country great is the freedom to express our opinions. I don’t have a lot to say as I am still gathering my own thoughts. I don’t usually get into Political discussions on a public forum but things are changing and many people are now finding their voice. This is ours. The world is changing quickly!

I’m finding the ruling on gay marriage by the SCOTUS this morning more disheartening than I would have thought. Its not a surprise that things fell this way. When you consider the velocity at which this happened, it is staggering. It took less than a decade to enact a law on something that has been commonly understood for centuries. I now find myself asking the question, “What can I do?” or “How can we fix this?” The first step that we need to take has nothing to do with civil action or any type of political movement. The first step is to consider your sphere of influence and figure out what God has given you to impact. For those with a family, it is your children and those that you are responsible to teach.

     As mothers and fathers and even those that are mentoring young kids through to high school, we need to be proactive in our teaching and training. We can not let a corrupt society be the first to bring up topics like sex and marriage, this needs to be some thing taught and modeled in their lives. If you feel like you need to do something, go make sure your children are clear as to where the Bible stands on these types of issues, and how you are modeling the principles in your life. If you don’t teach them, someone will

1 Teach your kids about LOVE.

     Teach them what it is and what it is not. Love is not some special feeling that you get when you get close to someone. Love is not defined by the way you choose to gratify your base sexual desires. Love is not being tolerant of poor lifestyle choices. 

     Love is defined in scripture as a defining mark of a Christian. (John 13:34) It should be directed toward God First (Matthew 22:36), Love is a fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galations 5:22) which also means that without the Holy Spirit, with out Christ, apart from God, we are incapable of loving. Don’t let society define a term that it knows nothing about, from a evolutionary world view, which cannot, by definition, know anything other than self preservation.      

     Love is sacrificial ( John 15:9) and is not conditional on having it returned. (Romans 5:8) We were enemies of God and we hated him. Israel time and again spat in His face, and still Christ died for us. That is Love. We should follow this example, even those who would seek to embrace this wrong thought of glorifying homosexuality. Teach them what Love is, model it in your home, and pray the the Lord would implant this in their heart. 

2 Teach your kids about Marriage

     How much time do you spend talking to them about marriage? Have they read Christ’s words that show that it is between a man and a woman (Matthew 19:4) Do they watch Dad sacrifice for his wife as Christ did for the Church? (Ephesians 5:25) Do they know what roles are filled in a marriage? We were given marriage that we might better understand Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5:33). I

     Marriage cannot be 2 members of the same sex, because its very definition is that 2 come together for the sake of creating and caring for new life. Now the Lord opens and closes the womb, and not everyone is promised to have children, but the purpose for marriage is that a family can mirror who God is and and what his purpose is in the Church. The Father is there to be life giving, and the Mother to be responding to the Father in Love a perfect picture with results in the production of a child which is the symbol of the Father’s love for the Mother, and the Mother’s for the Father. By definition, 2 men cannot compliment each other in this way, and it can never result in life. Make sure your children understand why God has given us marriage and what’s for.

     The best way to model this, is to love your Spouse with an intensity and a passion that can only come from God. Divorce should never even be mentioned in your home, and not be considered a viable option…ever. Dad’s pursue your wife like you did when you first met. Mom’s flirt and care for your husband like you did when you first noticed him. Let’s reclaim marriage by showing that there is not greater marriage than a Christian marriage.

3 Teach your kids about Sex

     This is a short one. If you stay silent your children will be educated elsewhere. Teach them that it is good (proverbs 5:18, Hebrews 13:4, 1 Cor 7:2) and that is for marriage alone (1 Thessalonians 4:3, Acts 15:29, Hebrews 13:4, Genesis 2:24). You may have to discuss things like pornography, homosexuality, and abstinence, before you really want to. Just be sure that you are the one who is doing the teaching and you don’t assume that your Church, or your school is doing it. If you haven’t talked about it by the time they hit Junior High, you can assume they already know more than you think. 

4 Teach your Kids about the Gospel    

     Above all else, teach them the Gospel. Don’t assume they are hearing this at Church. You should be teaching the Gospel to your children on a daily basis. That is we have offended a Holy and Just God and by violating even the smallest part of the law, by committing the smallest wrong thing, we have violated the whole law. We have been found guilty and deserve hell as a just punishment. It is only by God’s great mercy that he sent His Son, Jesus, to suffer in our place as a perfect sacrifice, that we can be reconciled to him and brought back in to His presence, not only forgiven, but as a coheir with Christ. (Romans 5, Ephesians 1and 2)

     We must repent from the things of this world as we cannot serve it and God (Matthew 6:24) and run to Christ. The rest of this world is passing away and will be judged. (Psalm 96:13, Hebrews 9:27, 1 Corinthians 5:9-13). Show them the Gospel, Live out the Gospel, preach it to your children and preach it to yourself. If you want to respond to SCOTUS’s ruling this weekend do it with the Gospel first. Make sure your house is in order, and keep it a priority, then and only then, engage outside. Facebook has enough options out there, lets show our families truth.