The older I get the more I am confronted with the realities of adult-hood and all that it is, and isn’t cracked up to be. Some parts about it are SO great! I get to decide what is for dinner, I got to NAME 3 other humans, I get to make and spend money, decorate a home, travel, explore and have freedom that I didn’t have when I was a child. I can talk to people, empathize, have compassion, learn and appreciate wisdom, discernment, and a gentle and quiet heart. There is a harsh reality to “adulting” as well, there is a sobering reality that changing the world and removing all injustice just might not be in reach, bills need to be paid and they would like their money yesterday, things cost money and are expensive, and there are lots of little details that happen every single day.

As a homemaker, my job subtitle should read, “Managing the Mundane”. Laundry, discipline, crumbs on the floor, messy cars, gracious responses, dirty refrigerators, bathrooms, eye contact, snuggles at bed, finger smudges on windows, bottom wiping duty, cat feeding, reading books, sink scrubbing, its all pretty exciting… I could go on with the duties, but that might get too exciting. There are also big responsibilities that aren’t as often, way more fun and more “public”. However, life is made up of the little. If I get all of the mundane things “wrong” but have my kids dressed cute and go on great vacations, it won’t matter in light of eternity or in the eyes of my family. If I get the mudane “right” or better said with dilligance, and my kids are in unmatched clothes and never go on a trip, it will matter in light of eternity and the eyes of my family.

The little things matter. All of them. Right now, the way that I serve my family is how I communicate the gospel to them and worship God. I am modeling Christ-like character and fulfilling my roles, because I LOVE GOD. It is important for me to remember that I fulfill my roles because of who God is, not because of how I feel. Feelings can’t drive the actions. Fulfill the action and the feelings will come.